Plan News

Happy Fall.  Open Enrollment is approaching soon.  Please remember that for Dental and Vision - you now have cards.  Our Vendor changed last year to UNUM.  If you are having difficulties getting your cards, or you can't find them, please email me at the contact below and we will send it out to you directly.

Also, remember all dependents are covered until the age of 26.  

Secondly remember that if you are turning 70 during the year of 2022, your benefits will not change until 2023.  We will look at all who turned 70 by the end of 2021 and update your benefits accordingly.

You will be sent your current confirmation form at the beginning of enrollment.  During the month of December we will update your elections and update your forms electronically.  As always we will ask if there are issues or someone's coverage isni't correct that you contact us as soon as you find that out.